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TR6 Transmission tunnel insulation


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Any current thoughts on whether to insulate the transmission tunnel on top or underneath? (using one of the heat/sound insulating products) Have seen it done both ways. It would seem that if underneath, it would give you a better top fit for the carpet and padding.

I did sound heat pad then carpet over same. seems to work well I did glue it down and comes off in one piece. On my MG B same and the shift lever cover I used spray foam on inside for heat. Madflyer
I've used bubble foil insulation underneath the tunnel on both a GT6 and my TR6, with general trim spray adhesive. Doesn't take long, but you have cut a few different pieces to get the whole thing covered obviously. The difference was quite noticeable on the GT6, probably mostly because that car puts out so much undissipated heat to begin with. Didn't make quite such a noticeable difference in the TR6, but the GT6 tunnel was plastic and it's fiberglass on my TR. It seems to me it's done to better effect if done from underneath, but as usual, I have no actual data to buttress this belief, like most things I say. :single_eye:
Thanks to all for quick and helpful replies.
Madflyer - Finished my instrument rebuild. No longer need the bezel. Thx.
No problem help is still here on TR 6's. I am in the middle of my up dating on my 1973 timing chain and cover seal one leak down after test. New radiator. Now trans seals parts due in this week. pulled yesterday flushed trans found just a few metal bits on magnet drain plug should be OK then new front windscreen and last a Backlight to replace top and role bar ( Backlight is rear glass with Surry filler between front and back glass and or fiberglass top panel ) When I am able to do pic will post same. Madflyer
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