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TR6 Seat Belt Brackets - Any Better Ideas?

Bob J

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It seems that TR6s like to rust from the bottom of the B pillar. Mine was particularly bad and after thinking it through it I think it originates from the attachment point of the seat belt bracket. Having the bracket welded to the front portion of the rear wheel well puts that connection at risk of getting a lot of water thrown from the rear wheel. The water works its way through seams in the various layers of metal in that area of the car and it slowly deteriorates lots of parts over time.

Has anyone thought of a better way to secure the seat belt brackets? Maybe one can fill in the pocket behind the B pillar with heavier steel and perhaps bring the weld points down on the extended floor pan that welds to the bottom of the rocker panel. I don't want to leave the seat belt bracket exposed outside of the B post back cover, especially into the rear wheel well. That way everything is tucked inside the compartment withing the B post back cover and the rocker panel.

Anyone crossed this bridge before? Any great ideas?


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Given the bracket is both welded and bolted: Could the bracket be "bedded" in place using sealant, and only the bolt secure the bracket?

For example, 3M 5200: https://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal...sive-Sealant-5200?N=5510818+3293241623&rt=rud

(Pray you don't have to ever separate the two pieces... )

Does the weld provide additional strength to hold the seat belt in case of accident?

Alternately, if I recall, the bracket is only welded only on one edge - would it help to weld it closed on all sides?
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