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need some advice fitting the bonnet on a 54 BN1


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Hello all,
Last weekend dad and I attempted to fit the bonnet on his freshly restored BN1 (#1169). After numerous attempts (raising, lowering, adjusting, raising, lowering, adjusting,,etc, etc....) and after inflicting a paint chip on the bonnet, we finally gave up.

I've read everything I can find on this Forum about installing and aligning the bonnet on a BN1 and the best advice I can find was posted in July 2007 by Roscoe. Removing the radiator and adjusting the hood hinges with the bonnet closed sounds like a great idea - but I too am afraid we may not be able to get the radiator back in. Has anyone got any additional 'lessons learned' or advice they can pass along regarding fitting the bonnet?
thanks in advance,,,respectfully, Charles
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Getting the radiator in/out with the bonnet attached is no problem but you will have to hold it opened further than the prop-rod does. It is a two-person job.


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What Michael said!! Who knows, perhaps the best way of installing the bonnet and front hinge would be to do it before the shroud is installed. As long as the front edge of the opening isn't twisted it would be a snap. What I wouldn't give to see film footage of the Healey production line that showed people fitting doors, bonnets and seat covers. Especially the part where steam comes out their ears and they get censored for language.


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...What I wouldn't give to see film footage of the Healey production line that showed people fitting doors, bonnets and seat covers. Especially the part where steam comes out their ears and they get censored for language.
.. yep, those poor guys have probably long since passed - due to high blood pressure. thanks again, charles
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