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TR2/3/3A how do i fix this hood line?


IMG_20191026_173411.jpgI just got this car back, but my hood looks way off. I cant tell if its bent or just misaligned....how do i fix this?


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Looks like the spring in the bonnet lift device is doing too good a job. Take the spring holder portion off and see if the line is better. If so, try a slightly softer spring.Bob


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That's not too bad!

Bob is correct. Make sure the spring is assembled preoperly so it isn't pressing abnormally hard against the bonnet, and the rod is hitting in the slot in the bonnet.

The rubber bumper on the right needs to come up just a hair. You may or may not have to add shims to the dzeus bracket so the fastener still latches easily. The left may need to come down a hair...but maybe not...it's hard to tell from one angle view.

Once the bumpers are set, place towels or some other soft material over the bumpers, and then gently press down on the high area just left of center. You want to over-spring the metal so when released it will stay down, even after closing with the spring pressure. It'll take a good bit of pressure, and maybe some "bouncing" to spring it down. It will, no doubt, take several tries to get it level across the front.


I think he used the wrong latch and its laying funny on the car. It looks different than the moss part, and definitely isnt lining up .huge.jpg
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