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Gary Martin Carbs



Thought ya'll might enjoy oogling my "new" carbs Gary Martin overhauled for my triple setup. Like new! He does nice work.


Jedi Warrior
wow, that throttle plate looks like solid gold. where is gary located and does he work on SU's?


Country flag
From the Hemmings site...

CARBURETOR restoration, Italian and British only, Weber, Dellorto, Zenith-Stromberg, SU, rebuilding plus total detailing to unsurpassed concours condition. Gary Martin, 605-484-8081, SD.



An addendum to this posting, I had to buy five (5) rebuild kits from a national vendor in order to be able to make up three complete kits, all of which were absolute crap. If you look closely at Gary's work, all gaskets are premium quality, everything is cadmium plated and all shafts and jets are brand new. I certainly have nothing to gain by promoting Gary but it is nice to do business with someone that takes a great deal of pride in his work. I have also done business with Joe Curto and he does nice work too.



Great Pumpkin
My carbs came back from TRF two years ago and looked good, but not that good. The plating looks terrific. I hope that you have the good luck that I have had with mine since the O/H.

They started on the first try and actually required minimal tweaking to get them in balance. Chokes needed slight adjustment to idle speed, but other than that they were fine.
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