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Aston Martin 1991 Virage???????????? HELP


Freshman Member
I want to buy a 91 Virage but 3 shops and 2 dealers told me they were unreliable and to difficult to work on...one guy said they were ahead of their time with that motor,,thnx guys, dogdoc, Atlanta, USA


Welcome to the forum. I've only actually seen two in real life, so I'm certainly no experet. But I have heard they can be rather tempermental.



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I have heard that about Aston Martin's as well...

But if you are a true enthusiast, and can deal with a complex car... Ignore them and just go with your gut, as long as there no major issues with the above car.

A specialty car like that will likely be more complex, and that is part of the price of ownership. Yet I'm certain that the driving and ownership of a car like that will be a pleasure all of its own.

At least my two cents of wisdom,
You might try contacting the Aston Martin Owners Club:


They've a North American branch and there are such cars offered for sales on their web-site, and a forum that requires registration.


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Agree with James. I spend a lot of time on the english forum and there is a wealth of experiece to draw on.

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