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Coroplast Signs under Wheels


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Canada just had a federal election, and there are several zillion signs made out of corrugated plastic being shipped off to be recycled.
I wasn't smart enough to think of this in time, but those signs would be good for protecting surfaces.
We have three Car Capsules for storing vehicles in and I'm concerned that the fabric will suffer being laid on concrete and being driven over, and then also with the twisting action of the front wheels damaging the fabric from the inside as the vehicles are manoeuvred.
I tried laying down a sheet of plastic over the concrete sidewalk blocks at one storage spot last year, but that prevents water from draining as readily - one of the Capsules is on the concrete driveway this year, so it got the sheet of plastic.
The brainwave is to lay Coroplast signs down on the concrete slabs, as water will be able to make its way around the signs and protect the fabric from the 'grittiness' of the concrete. Then put some signs inside the Capsule where turning the front wheels would twist the fabric.
Dunno if this thought is applicable to anyone else (or if it's even a particularly good one).
One caution is from a boating friend: bugs would nest in corrugated cardboard if left on their boat in the tropics.
And I'm also curious to know how UV durable Coroplast is: shingle a shed with them? siding??
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