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TR2/3/3A Under hood Photos


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Hello All.

I am starting on the reassembly journey and need a little help.

If anyone has some good clear photos under the hood showing brake lines etc it would be a great help. I got this TR3 as a kit of parts so I do not have any before photos.
The flicker album of great TR photos has gone. It was a sale album.



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Might help if you told us which TR3, David. Early cars were quite a bit different (Lockheed front drums vs Girling front discs) IMO it's worthwhile adding your commission number to your signature. I'm sure you can remember, but I have enough trouble remembering my own cars without doing everyone else's as well :D

Here's a shot of an early Girling master cylinder (TS13571L). Later cars were similar, but the cylinders themselves are slightly different with the front fitting angled instead of straight up.


Just by way of comparison, here is a Lockheed MC (photo posted on BCF)


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Hello Randall and Geo

That is a great help.

It is a 1961 TR3A TS 75524 L

I can see that I will need to cut the top of the battery tray liner so that the tag shows.

There was a small square plastic plug that went on the horizontal part of the fire wall just below the main tag. Any idea what that was for? I removed it and put it somewhere safe when I sand blasted the body. It was such a safe place I can't find it. It will show up.



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This should help, from TeriAnn's site...Has all the bulkhead holes identified for post TS60k with LHD. Looks like #24 you're talking about, square 1/4" hole with plug.


Geo Hahn

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...There was a small square plastic plug...

Generally STC did not use plastic plugs just rubber - the hole is correct but the plug may be a substitute (could save you from trying to find it).

I do not know what (if anything) the hole was used for but I believe the original set-up was a round plug in a square hole. The plug itself was rather highly domed.

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