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For Sale chrome turn button fasteners


Senior Member
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I have produced a small number of tall and short chrome plated turn button fasteners. All the ones on the market today are nickel plated and the tops are square. I found turn buttons that are exactly the same width, length and height, as the originals. I modified the tops to conform to the originals and had them chrome plated. I only have a few sets left. They cost me $15 a piece to make. I am selling them for cost plus shipping. The originals are unobtainable and even if you can find them the tops are loose and the springs have lost their elasticity. If you want pictures you can email me at mk31755@aol.com. If the response is great enough I might even make more.

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
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Can you post a pic of the fasteners on here pls . I maybe interested .
private email sent .


Luke Skywalker
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I have some left over from one of my projects.
PM me with an offer you think is fair.
I'll need to actually see how many I have.

Deamaker 5

Senior Member
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I have some left over from one of my projects.
PM me with an offer you think is fair.
I'll need to actually see how many I have.
I think I need 4 ? Correct ? For a BT7, I don’t want to embarrass myself , so if u can give me a price that would be great ! Thanks


Luke Skywalker
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