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For Sale AH 3000 MK III Phase II 1967 - Denis Welch Engine & Parts


Freshman Member
Heavy heartedly I am selling my Big Healey after more than 12 years in my possession. It has a very nice history with only 3 long year owners (incl. me). It was initially sold in the US (San Diego) and owned by a famous Blue Angels Pilot (documented) and than sold to Germany. Since then it has been carefully maintained and upgraded. Today it is a very pleasurable and fast (well above 200km/h) car that could be a daily driver.

AH 3000 MK III Phase II Baujahr 1967 – BJ8

Classic Data Report 2+

Inside / Outside:
* Healey Blue Metallic
* Full leather (Ocean Blue) (new)
* Carpet Blue (new)
* Softtop Fabric Blue (Sonnenland)
* Persenning made to measure Fabric Blue (Sonnenland)
* Half Car Cover made to measure Blue to keep dry while on the road
* All Instruments revised
* Rallye Equipment (Digital Speedometer, Tripmaster and Radio Clock) can be removed

For looks, I removed the bumpers and the original radio, speaker and antenna. However all parts are in my possession and will be handed over to new owner.

* Engine built by Denis Welch to fast road specs in 2015. Engine is agile (6500 Rpm are absolutely fine), very powerful and fast – and not a drop of oil
* Side pipe and Tubular Exhaust Manifold by Denis Welch
* Original Cooler with new Mesh, Electric Fan and Silicone Tubes
* Gear Box revised and upgraded with Denis Welch Overdrive Parts, OD Switch integrated into Gear Lever Knob
* New Prop Shaft
* Rear Axle revised and upgrade with Limited Slip Differential, Half Shafts and “long” Crown and Pinion
* Suspension is revised and upgraded and aligned with car line
* Avon Tyres (185/70 R15) on painted Wire Wheels

* Classic Data Expertise
* FIVA Card
* CHVR Card
* BMH Birth Certificate


Car comes with a parts package including a set of Hydraulic Damper, Axle Parts, original adjustable Wooden Steering Wheel, etc.

The car and pictures can be found here: https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/...-iii-phase-ii-mannheim/255795463.html?lang=de or visited in Mannheim, Germany

For anybody, who knows what efforts it takes to get a Healey to this condition, it is a good value for EUR 95.000, but I am willing to dicuss



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