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  1. B

    HELP please - across country transport for Car and Chassis ?

    Hi I'm looking at buying a non-runner Triumph TR in Arkansas together with a replacement chassis. And I need to get them to down to Huston, or better still across to a Western shipping port, or North Beach Florida. Can anyone here help with mover contacts - to do this at low price. Much...
  2. D

    New Dude

    Car guy.....Current stable....72 MGB GT.....51 MG TD.....73 TR6...….76 V8 TR6 Cobra Tribute The TD and 73 TR6 will be for sale ready for the road late this spring.....will entertain offers as is.....Cheers :cheers:
  3. K

    TR6 71 TR6 Alternator Connections

    Hi folks- I'm trying to determine how the wiring works on my alternator, as the number of connections on the alternator do not align with wiring diagrams for a 71 TR6 as found here: <a href="https://www.advanceautowire.com/tr2506.pdf" target="_blank">https://www.advanceautowire.com/tr2506.pdf...
  4. Simmo

    TR6 CARPETS advice pleaese

    I purchased carpets for my TR3A from a mob called Prestige and was sadly disappointed. I live too far away to bother sending them back. This time, for my TR6, I don't want to fall into the same trap. Someone said that Moss carpets are very good and wondering if others can give their opinions.
  5. C

    TR6 Shift lever

    My brother, a TR4 owner, decided to take my 6 for spin. He hopped in, cranked it up, pushed in the clutch, and then, assuming the shift pattern was the same as his TR4, he pulled UP on the shift lever, intending to then push it to the right and back. Instead, when he pulled up, the shift lever...
  6. E

    TR6 measurements of a Snugtop hardtop for 250/6

    Hello, Am considering buying a Snugtop hardtop--long distance. Does anyone have one of these tops and a few minutes to take some measurements so that I can be sure I'm getting the correct item for my car? Thanks in advance, Phil
  7. E

    new member with an old car

    Hello, Just joining even though I've owned my 1971 TR6 for nearly 30 years. I am hoping to spend more time with it... Thanks, Phil Seattle
  8. J

    TR6 Ring gear repair

    My TR6 wasn't turning over, but the new starter was spinning like it should. Had a hunch it might be the flywheel, and pulled the starter to view the ring gears this evening. It turns out the ring gear had slid back a good bit, making sure the starter wouldn't reach. I have never had to deal...
  9. B

    TR6 TR6 Painting/Restoration

    Hello I have a 1974 TR6 that needs restoration. It runs good (had a lot of work done on it) but the dash and body need replacing/painting. Anyone know of a good restoration shop in the Northeast? Thank you!
  10. B

    For Sale Tr6 roll bar

    TR6 roll bar 200.00 firm....Price does not include freight that will be determined by purchaser's zip code
  11. T

    Wanted TR6 rear trailing arms

    I'm looking for a pair of rear trailing arms for my TR6. Let me know if you have any you are looking to unload! Thanks, Tyler 707 761 2914
  12. B

    TR6 Painting a '74 TR6

    Hello I live in the Boston area and have a '74 TR6. It needs a paint job - can anyone suggest a shop that is local that does this kind of work? Thank you!!
  13. S

    TR6 brake calipers

    i need to replace the front brake calipers on my tr6. i know its not an m16 because the bleed nipples are SAE, not metric. but i can't tell if its 16P or 16PB. i've attached two pictures. i think 16P? this is a nice link and why i think its 16p...
  14. rjc157

    For Sale 74 tr6 dash

    I have a 74dash for sale with all gauges reasonable offers you know what it's worth just refinished the wood
  15. Simmo

    TR6 Right Hand Drive conversion

    I have just bought a 1971 TR6 from the USA and will need to do a conversion from the left side. Has anyone got any useful hints on do's and dont's? Any suggestions apreciated
  16. T

    TR6 Problem with Clutch on 1976 TR6

    Hello, First I will start by stating that I am not a mechanic but an owner of a TR6 who helped my father care for the car while in High School. Since his passing 2 years ago I had the car delivered to MA where I restored the interior and changed all fluids, plugs, seals. Now the real things...
  17. J

    TR6 TR6 died/ won't start

    2 weeks ago I had been driving my 1974 TR6 for about 70 miles and it died out shortly after leaving a stop light, about a mile from my house. The car just died out with no warning, and was not running rough or showing any other signs. I checked the fuel and the spark and discovered the fuel was...
  18. S

    TR6 new wheels and tires

    72 TR6, highly modified. tires are getting worn, found a cracked wheel over the weekend; i think its time to upgrade. we want 16" wheels and something close to 215/60R16 tires. (currently we have stock TR6 wheels and 215/60R15). i've looked at the charts and done some calculations; the one...
  19. 1

    TR6 Tr6 needs choke to run good

    1970 stock tr sputters, backfires at carbs and won't run well unless choke is pulled halfway. Carbs have fresh rebuild, new tune up, no vacuum leaks. Timing set by ear, valves not noisey. Carbs set richer but still same, needs choke to run good. Car is on jack stands currently until I sort this...
  20. S

    TR5/TR250 tach problems

    the tach on my 72 tr6 is gyrating wildly. i hooked up a drill to the cable, and it was quite smooth. apparently there is an issue with the dizzy? maybe that little plastic gear? any thoughts. i have another full, rebuilt distributor complete with labeled spark plug wires that i will swap...