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  1. alexisrexx

    TR6 Oil Sludge in Valve Cover - Normal?

    Hi all, I'm still working through a light engine rebuild and had the valve/rocker cover off yesterday. I noticed there was a lot of sludge collected at one end of the engine. My first though is that this engine has just sat for 20+ years and it's probably just old oil. But wanted to gut-check...
  2. alexisrexx

    Restoring a 76 TR6

    Hello All, I'm Alexis. TLDR: I found a great 76 TR6 and am restoring it. I've always had a fondness for older cars. My dad restored a Comet, a friend built old VW's and I tried my hand as a teen at restoring a 58 & 64 VW Bug. Didn't get very far because I was young and had no real resources...
  3. car.jpg


    Barn find sitting since 1993 found a new home
  4. IMG_20210206_134032.jpg


    My TR6
  5. Ripper01

    For Sale TR6 '69-72 Intake Manifold Stanpart V3108

    Triumph TR6 '69-72 Intake Manifold Stanpart V3108, used, as is. Great condition. Price plus shipping or pick up in central Texas $110
  6. Ripper01

    SOLD-TR6 Gas Tank

    Fuel tank from '69 TR6, great condition and solid. As is shipping is extra or pick up in central Texas. No rust/ corrosion. $120 OBO
  7. Ripper01

    For Sale TR6 Differential

    Used Differential from a 1969 TR6. Good condition. As is. Price plus shipping or pick up in central Texas. $500
  8. E

    TR6 TR6 Ammeter Troubles

    I have a 1970 TR6 with a bad ammeter. While looking into repair/replacement of the old meter, I tried to temporarily bypass it so I could drive the car. Based on the amount of sparks, I still have current flowing through some of this wiring even with the ignition turned "OFF". Any hints on...
  9. J

    For Sale TR6 hardtop glass

    Hard to find glass. $900. Has a Greatful Dead sticker on outside from former owner. Shipped in heavy, custom-made crate. Kilo2mit@gmail.com 914-374-7503
  10. A

    Just bought 1975 Triumph TR6 that has sat for last 25 years

    Hello I am a new member, I was directed to the form by a friend. I have recently purchased a TR6 that hasn’t moved or started it the last 25 years. Everything under the hood held up nicely and doesn’t seem to have any visual issues with wiring, I would like advice on what to change besides all...
  11. Z

    For Sale 8 Blade yellow Fan for triumph

    Bought for my TR-4 but sold the car. New in box from the Roadster factory. $65 Shipped-to USA Paypal preferred
  12. J

    For Sale La Dawri 'Del Mar' fiberglass body for TR-2 thru TR-6

    REVISED 29 JUNE - 1963 LaDawri Del Mar (body only or body & chassis): Body (only) Price, $1800 or best offer Body & Restored Chassis, $4K OBO. From a 20-year slumber in a heated garage in Minnesota. First plan is to sell the body, keep the chassis - but will consider selling as a...
  13. J

    For Sale Early 70s TR6 seats in new red vinyl, with new tracks, $500 OBO

    For sale, pair of early 70's TR6 seats with new tracks and new red TRF seat covers in vinyl. Need adjusting and tucking, and hog ringing (see pic). Thanks, John in VA Beach, VA jrbayer3(at)yahoo
  14. Ripper01

    For Sale Brake Calipers w/ pads- 2

    $80 Used 1.5 Y.O Front brake calipers with brake pads (about 1.5 years old. Around 800 miles total) asking $80 plus shipping from Central TX
  15. S

    TR6 Anti Run-On Valve question.

    1976 TR6 Anti Run-On Valve. I think it is leaking.... As the Vacuum connection to the banjo on the intake manifold is what draws through the valve, I disconnected the line at the banjo and attached a hand vacuum pump to the line. It would not hold vacuum, Very quick (not instant) drop. The anti...
  16. S

    1976 tr6

    Hi, new here. I have been running my 76 TR6 since about 1989.
  17. T

    New Member - TR6_guy

    Hi Everyone in virtual blog-land! I've had five TR6 cards over the years. Restored 3 of them and used the fourth to complete a full restoration of my fifth car. I've owned my 1972 Sapphire Blue TR6 since 1984 and she's traveled with me through my entire aerospace career within the US and...
  18. T

    TR6 EV Conversion

    Hi from California. Anybody done a TR6 EV conversion?
  19. Z

    For Sale OE Under Dash Speaker refinished new speaker installed

    I'm selling an original speaker for a Tr-4 that has be refurbished. She has a new speaker installed and has been refinished in black crinkle. Still has the original cardboard backing. $125 + shipping OBO from Missouri.
  20. B

    HELP please - across country transport for Car and Chassis ?

    Hi I'm looking at buying a non-runner Triumph TR in Arkansas together with a replacement chassis. And I need to get them to down to Huston, or better still across to a Western shipping port, or North Beach Florida. Can anyone here help with mover contacts - to do this at low price. Much...