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  1. A

    TR6 1972 ignition buzzer

    Can somebody please post a picture of the ignition buzzer location of a 1972 tr6? I bought the buzzer on ebay and i am going crazy trying to find where it is located. Thanks
  2. S

    1973 TR6 - My dad's payment for a bad bar debt

    My dad owned a bar in Ohio for most of my life. This bar had been in the family for a long time -- 50 years when he finally closed it down in 2005. My dad was a generous man (sometimes to a fault) and often let people run up pretty big bar tabs. One time in the early 1980s, this torn up red...
  3. givinner

    I've got them ol' 76 tr6 electrical blues

    Good day and how's it going eh? I've owned my 76 tr6 since 1990 and up to now have been able to figure out most problems, mainly through helpful forums such as this. But now I have come up against a problem that has me completely baffled. I had a few electrical problems with my 76 tr6. Signals...
  4. matttnz

    TR6 Brown wires multiplying

    Anyone know what these are for? Under the drivers dash of my TR6 (1974 UK CR) are a bunch of small brown wires that are taped off and as far as I can tell are not live. I can't seem to find them on the wiring diagrams and everything seems mostly in it's place (the car's for the most part...
  5. C

    TR6 TR6 Comm No

    Hi - been looking at a TR6 online and was tring to track down the Comm No. Can't seem to find this one anywhere. CF 36130 UO. Any ideas? Also, does the color scheme make sense, white w tan interior? this car was reprinted, white, and also sprayed w Zebart rust proofing. Anyone have feedback on...