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Just bought 1975 Triumph TR6 that has sat for last 25 years


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Hello I am a new member, I was directed to the form by a friend. I have recently purchased a TR6 that hasn’t moved or started it the last 25 years. Everything under the hood held up nicely and doesn’t seem to have any visual issues with wiring, I would like advice on what to change besides all the fluids on the car, any this I should grease, loosen up or any advice is appreciated, thanks you




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A good find or not is the question. Remove sparkplugs add small amount of light oil Marvels mystery oil is best then rotate by hand a few turns. Did you know why it set so many years? I have a friend that took a motor out of a car that sat many years changed oil put into his car and drove away. What happened next is the story; The motor sat so long in one spot dry that the rings etched the cylinder's and tore it self up. Org. fuel pump may have dried out and need new parts easy to do (diaphragm) Add one can of SEA FOAM to gas tank ( at any auto parts store ) If it starts and runs change any and all rubber fuel lines ( for fire ) and put in a new fuel filter that is glass and can be opened an cleaned as you do not know as it fowls. When you get that far does it have overdrive? drain trans before you drive to far it will be low on oil. The rear end does not have a drain plug so not much can be do but add as seal will be dry also. keep in touch Madflyer