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TR6 TR6 Painting/Restoration


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I have a 1974 TR6 that needs restoration. It runs good (had a lot of work done on it) but the dash and body need replacing/painting. Anyone know of a good restoration shop in the Northeast?

Thank you!
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Beneteau, you posted this in the "Forum Navigation Help" forum, which is a forum for asking questions about navigating this web site. I am moving your post to the "Triumph" forum. You can also post same question in our "Restoration & Tools" forum.



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I think you should try to post some pics of your car to what extent of restoration are you looking for a so called restoration shop will charge a ton of money if you can do some of the work yourself if it just needs a paint job you can find a local shop to do it it still will cost around 3-5 grand if they have to start taking panels on and off to line up the gaps your in the 10 grand cost .I do have a 74 dash for sale if your interested with or without gauges 002.jpg
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