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Tri-Carb Project


Jedi Warrior
All sounds good! I love what you've done.

I didn't use full depth vents either. Since my guy custom made the vents from my patterns from Pat Moss's car, we, like you, thought they looked better not quite so large (deep). See pics.: Shows full depth original Works vents housing on left with my shorter custom housing on right. Of note is the carb access panel

That said, we liked the airflow improvement with the upper footwell reshape so added that.... earlier pics.

On the oil cooler ducts, we also discussed the dissimilar metals issue. My guy, who I've worked with on projects for some 30 years, was confident he has a permanent sealer that would make this a non-issue.... so installed and sealed them up. I guess if he's wrong I won't be alive to worry about it ;) .


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Healey Nut

Jedi Knight
Now the fun can start , or it will do once I get it home and some cars get picked up to make some working room for me in my shop . Paint and black epoxy needs a few days to harden up fully before bringing her home .
So that’s the 2012 Toyota Blue .


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Healey Nut

Jedi Knight
Lockdowns, broken ankles , forced time off work ......
A couple of winter resident cars have gone home so it’s time to get building . Just waiting on an order of parts from AutoFarm and I can start wrenching .


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