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San Diego

Country flag
Wow! What an event! Beautiful location. Very well organised. Lots of fun. But mostly, GREAT people. Almost 200 cars and one Healey boat.
I met many Forum people and it is fun seeing the people who post cause they don't look anything like what I pictured.
Words cannot discribe the event. My wife, who thought she would be borred, loved it as much as I. There was not any time to be relaxing in San Diego. She is talking about the Chicago show in two years (we decided Onterio is just too far).
Almost 1600 miles for us but that was small compared to many who traveled accross the US. The car ran great in all types of weather and roads. Only added 1/2 QT of oil and lost no coolant in 103 degree temps.
Food and accomadations were first class. Tech classes were very good, too.

Healey 100

Jedi Warrior
Triple dittos on that San Diego Conclave. I did not think Vermont could be topped, but the San Diego affair was just as good. Great locale and very well run and organized. The only problem was the rally, which was dreadful but still fun. We just gave up and took out the nice area map they gave us and toured La Jolla and Torey Pines on our own.

We drove over 2000 miles on this one, some in temperatures well above 100. Our Healey handled the heat OK, though it was brutal inside the car. I wish I could say I used only 1/2 quart of oil -- for me is was more like five quarts. But our 100 leaks like a sieve....


Albuquerque, NM


Jedi Trainee
...Yes, it WAS great, I couldnt do all the events and had to leave after the show. Met some of the BCF NM contingent who were very nice.

My omly complaint was driving in SD is very frustrating, too much traffic and too many traffic lights, it has changed somewhat since I grew up there in the 60's!!!!!



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Luke Skywalker
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We also had a great time. We enjoyed seeing all the cars and people. The club put on a great show. I must also complement the tech sessions. I learned a lot from them.



Darth Vader - R.I.P
:iagree: This was Agatha's first conclave and serious thought is being given to Chicago, not sure about Canada. We never expected to have so much fun and meet such wonderful people. I know Agatha will never forget this event and she's still blushing from the excitement of it all. Well Done, San Diego Club!!!


Darth Vader - R.I.P
And your wife, of course, has very good taste! :lol:

On a more serious note, we were both delighted to meet so many really kind and generous people. We really want to do this again and we extend an open invitation to any Healey Enthusiasts when they are in our neck of the woods (Tijeras, NM) to give us a shout so we can get together - our home of course and a home cooked meal, or Mickey D's takeout, Subway takeout, local pizza, .....

A grand time indeed!


Darth Vader
Thanks for the photo Tiga2, the picture looks beautiful. Do you have any more?

Always interested in Conclave pictures for our local club newsletter. Could you or any one else send me a few?


Darth Vader - R.I.P
If someone will tell me how to post photo, I'll post some. I didn't think I was stupid but....


Jedi Trainee

Just this one of the "Nasty Boys" right now, I will have a lot this week I hope.


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Jedi Trainee
Hey, I now have some images from SD, I will get on to posting them, I will have to do one at a time, not sure how to do multiples, so this may take a day or 2!

Images courtesy of C. McKnight Images


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Senior Member
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Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.
We here in San Diego are still recovering. We were too busy to enjoy all the activities, but got a few in.
I have a few more pictures taken around the Conclave. The Gymkhana at the stadium was nice because the spectators were able to view from a shaded area. There are a few pics from the hotel room and a few of attendees having breakfast at the deli next to the hotel. We sat at checkpoint 2 all morning at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas for the Rally--nice location, but most of the rally drivers were lost by that point!

Also, we still have discounts available from some of the vendors:

Go Pro Camera
Code--AHCC this is a 20% discount

Race Ramps
Code--AHealey8 this is a 15% discount

tahoe healey
Country flag
I met a very nice couple who are with the club that hosted the San Diego conclave. They were up here, in South Lake Tahoe, for a vacation. The came over to me at a swap-meet cause I was in my Healey. Small world. They also felt that the organization was terrific.
I have about 85 photos of the conclave but don't think I can figure out how to down them to the forum. That many may not be acceptable it that quantity.


Senior Member
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As many know, we lost Ron Phillips yesterday.
His last column was about the Conclave.
Here it is:

>"The Nut Behind The Wheel" by Ron Phillips
>>Conclave 2008, San Diego
>>Wow! What a great meet! Everything seemed to work. Let's look at
>>some of the really good things about it!
>>First, we really owe the San Diego Club a terrific round of
>>applause. Their organization and application of lessons learned from
>>previous Conclaves really stood out. The presentation of the events
>>in notebook form was simply the very best way I've ever seen to
>>present all the meet information for helping the participants
>>understand each event and participate in it. Each day was documented
>>with a discussion of the day's events, the time frames, and both maps
>>and satellite views of each venue. All of these events ran on time,
>>did not overrun the allotted time, and the venues chosen for each
>>event just couldn't have been better. Let's look at the venues a bit
>>more closely.
>>The car show at Embarcadero Marina Park North, adjacent to Seaport
>>village, was just about as perfect a place for this event that I've
>>ever experienced. Possibly only Pebble Beach could top it! And the
>>weather just couldn't have been better, temps in the low 70's with
>>clear blue skies just added to the beauty of this unique site
>>bordered by San Diego Bay. There were scenic backdrops of City
>>skyline and boaters on the bay that just added to the drama of our
>>cars no matter which way you took that prized picture of your pride
>>and joy. Bob Segui's posing of everyone for a picture of them in
>>their car as they entered the park for the car show featured a
>>backdrop of the City skyline with the bay, boats, and marina framing
>>each of our prized Healeys. Simply tremendous! Having the awards
>>for the popular judging right at the venue worked superbly allowing
>>for a drive by to receive their awards for all the first place
>>winners in class. This also removed this "burden" from the closing
>>banquet, a great idea that was also used in Vermont, last year. This
>>concept should become a tradition in the coming years.
>>The Funkanna and the Gymkanna held at Qualcomm park was just perfect
>>for this event. Having experienced people set up the Gymkanna course
>>and run the equipment, made this event run as smoothly as any of this
>>type I've ever seen. The course was in an enclosed area West of the
>>Stadium and we had it all to ourselves without the possibility of
>>non-participants wandering through it! Where in the last few years
>>there seemed to always be "issues" with this event, here we had an
>>entire over one mile long course that ran slightly uphill and then
>>back down to the finish. And there was covered shade for all the
>>participants and spectators to view the action, courtesy of the
>>overhead light rail transportation system that serves the
>>Stadium. From that shade offered by the overhead tracks, you never
>>lost sight of the cars on the course due to the up-hill nature of it,
>>which was simply terrific! And what drama to watch the mix of cars,
>>both our Healeys and the local Gymkanna group's much "hotter" cars
>>navigate the course. This professional course and management of it
>>allowed each participant up to three or more practice sessions with
>>three or more speed runs, depending on whether you wanted to just
>>keep looping the course, or not. There was no hurry as the
>>organizers could run multiple cars on the course at one time and not
>>have to wait for each car to finish before the next one could start,
>>a real time saver for this event. As Gymkanna's go, it just doesn't
>>get any better than this! Take a look at the times and you will see
>>that a lot of people had a great time running this course.
>>The Funkanna, conveniently located on the other side of the shaded
>>area, gave an opportunity for anyone to participate as driver or
>>navigator during the day. The path of travel was clearly marked on
>>the pavement. No confusion, nothing dangerous, just fun!
>>About the food. The closing banquet held at the Sheraton was the
>>absolute best mass served meal I've ever had. Everyone else seemed
>>to feel the same way. The combination dinner of Salmon and Chicken
>>was cooked perfectly and tasted delicious. How did they pull this
>>off? The food was hot, served with great presentation, and
>>considering that all meal service came from the other Sheraton tower,
>>this was a great accomplishment on the part of the Hotel.
>>About 40 members of our club, the Austin-Healey Association, on one
>>of the "off-nights" went the Shakespeare Pub, a well known English
>>style pub downtown San Diego, and sampled the wares. The food and
>>brew was great. Even the "English" members of our club gave it a
>>hearty thumbs up! Again, because of the mild climate, we were able
>>to sit outside until dark and enjoy the weather, the grub, and the
>>grog with all our club friends. Our club president, George McHarris
>>organized this event for us, including Van transportation to and from
>>the hotel so we could really kick back and enjoy the evening without
>>concern for driving after a brew or two.
>>And I really have to mention the marina deli just at the end of the
>>parking lot. I'd bet that every attendee of Conclave had at least
>>one meal there! Breakfast, Lunch, even Pizza for dinner, their food
>>was delicious, reasonably priced, and with outside seating
>>overlooking the marina, and the terrific San Diego climate, made any
>>of these meals a pleasure to partake. And anytime you went there,
>>you would find Healey friends to sit with and chat with while
>>enjoying your meal. They even had a beer and wine license! Having
>>this kind of facility this close to the hotel was so unique in our
>>experience of attending these kind of events that it's possible the
>>Deli will be a subject of discussion for years to come when we think
>>back to this event. Strange, but true!
>>We really need to thank Udo Putzke, not only for his and Gisela's
>>help and financial support with the event, but for putting on an
>>"honest" rally! But you had to pay attention in the driver's
>>meeting, and then to the route instructions, and the generals, to do
>>well. If you didn't, then you, too, may have gotten lost looking for
>>"China" as referenced in the directions. But the rally did take us,
>>once out of town, through some of San Diego County's open space parks
>>and then through beautiful Rancho Santa Fe and back down the coast to
>>return to San Diego. Again, with temps in the low 70's, it made for
>>fine motoring!
>>The tech sessions again featured some of our major parts and service
>>providers. I enjoyed them all, particularly David Noch's
>>presentation on roadside failures and how to overcome them. Having a
>>boot full of spares helps! David brought a collection of
>>show-and-tell items and handled all the questions thrown at him. We
>>have all had these same emergency breakdown and repair experiences,
>>especially those of us who have been around these cars for many
>>years. The presentations by Martin Mac Gregor on interior trim and
>>upholstery, and Martin Jansen of Jule Enterprises on their frame
>>replacement process were received well by a new West Coast audience
>>who may not have seen or heard from these two professionals in Healey
>>Then there was the Gerry Coker and John Sprinzel chat. What terrific
>>guys to put up with us novices! Whether rumor squashing or their
>>personal experiences, we all enjoyed their sharing with us their
>>years of experience and insights into those funny little British cars
>>called Austin-Healeys! Having this scheduled as a tech session
>>instead of during the closing banquet is the right way to go. This
>>way, those interested can attended. Those not interested need not
>>apply or be held captive!
>>And then there were our friends, from all over the world and the
>>USA. It's wonderful to see them again, catch up on what's happening,
>>and simply pass the time with them. We see each other so little that
>>these times together help us to reconnect, to share, and to look
>>forward to next time we meet to pick up where we left off in our
>>conversations and our lives. As my good buddy from the San Francisco
>>Bay area, Len Hartnet said, he and his wife were still "vertical",
>>and seemed to know their doctors much more intimately. But there was
>>Len with his well traveled BJ8 and his 'arf-a-healey' trailer,
>>enjoying things so much he even placed first in the TSD rally with
>>his last minute Australian co-driver! Way to go Len!
>>Again, LeRae and I would like to thank the San Diego club members
>>and, particularly, Mike Williams for putting on a really good
>>show! They may have set, possibly, an impossibly high standard for
>>our Conclaves of the future. 'Till next time, Ron Phillips.
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