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Norton Commando


Staff member
Country flag
A neighbour of mine just picked one up, low miles and pretty original (other than tyres and pipes), an 850cc Interstate, for $6K. I've been to see it, it's Luuuurvly!
Very nice. We do expect pictures, of course, even if you have to sneak into your neighbor's garage at night. :smile:
Well here's the thing..... He also owns a BMW R90 with 'S' fairing, a Honda Valkyrie, a Porsche Boxster, a 911SC, Ferrari 308, BMW 2002 (subtly modded), '67 Firebird (in concours condition) and an Alfa Spider. All this in an area where a Mazda would be considered an exotic import!
That is an impressive list of machinery. Interestingly diverse, too. Sounds like he'd be someone worth knowing.
He is..... As we have a fleet of German machinery and the occasional LBC at our house we are obviously kindred spirits in the neighbourhood. There is no-one else around who drives european/British vehicles.
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