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Wedge IMSA TR8 is racing


Jedi Warrior
Country flag


Jedi Warrior
Country flag
That car makes a glorious sound. looks fast also


Jedi Warrior
Ah, the ex Peter Bulkowski/Grp 44 car. Well done Max, I am enjoying following your outings in Europe. Even though I am a 911 owner it was nice to watch you recently show them how it's done!

I hope to be joining you some day on the track (Mosport) with the former Cullingford Motors TR7 which we are converting to TR8 power, with some of Peter's bits and pieces. https://www.luke-44.com/#!pictures-of-the-tr7-race-car/c1byr


Jedi Warrior
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The inside view is okay but the outside is nice too:

And finally the last races of the season. These were the last tests with which tires needs to be used, what brake masters and what bias on the brakes.
That's why I'm very careful on the starts....I never knew how the car would behave after the setup changes in the paddock.

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