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Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa

Simon TR4a

Jedi Knight
These are examples of new small hatchback commuter cars, which look like fun to drive, almost in the spirit of the original Mini.
Certainly environmentally and socially responsible, about 40mpg in real world driving, and the Honda is available with a paddle shift 5 speed automatic. I am not really in the market but haven't seen any magazine articles on these, perhaps they are not offered in the US (yet)?
I will have a look in English magazines, but has anyone driven any of them?
Thanks, Simon.

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag
Hey, Simon -

Haven't driven any of them, but a friend in Honduras has the Honda. I rode in his all over the city last year, and was impressed both with the interior room and the performance. He's been very happy with it.



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We've had a Yaris here at the dealer. It's ok. Very much just a new body on an Echo. The Scion XA is nicer in my opinion


Great Pumpkin
We had a Candian-spec Yaris (caged and in full-race trim) last year at Watkins Glen. First one I ever saw. It was a speedy little devil.
I am glad to see these "sub-compact" cars (or whatever they are called) becoming available. It's refreshing to go to a car dealer and see something besides glorified school-buses.
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