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87 XJ6 Series Three Sunroof

Michael J.

Jedi Warrior
Anyone know what the 4" wide rubber flap pop-rivited to the deflector bar that pops up with the sun roof is open is for?

The loose end has lost about 3/8" that broke off.


Jedi Knight
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isn't it part of the deflector to eliminate wind noise?, sort of like a spoiler in a sense. But if you open the sunroof all the way to the back, you get the famous "rumble" anyway. (an acoustical low frequency "rumble" which also occurs when you open the windows at high speeds). Forget about the plastic deflectors that mount with adhesive tape over the sunroof opening, they look so tacky and serve no purpose other than to ruin your paint when you try to remove it.

Michael J.

Jedi Warrior

The rubber is only about 4" wide and is riveted to the pop-up wind deflector. I was trying to figure out what it does so that I can decide how "big of a deal" having some break off is, but I can't figure out what it actually does.

Thanks for the comment on the glue on wind deflector. I scratched one of those of my list. I have experienced the "rumble" first hand and have started cracking a rear window a 1/2" to make it stop.

There are some flapper valves behind the rear seat back cushion and the "parcel Shelf" that are supposed to help with that, but if the deflector bar sticks down, the valves sound like someone beating a drum. They appear to vent through the slots at the front of the trunk opening.
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