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Question about Series III XJ6 Motor in E Type?


Senior Member
Got a line on an XJ6 motor that's 100% built and good. Will it work in my barn find 1970 E Type with triple SU's and not cross over? What should I look for here. What do we know about these swaps. I have til tomorrow to decide if I want it. Thought I'd throw a couple tourning cams in the head and do some light porting. Didn't want to do anything to the original motor that can't be reversed. Maybe have a nice powerful built block to beat on and keep the original engine for safe keeping. Would the pan on the later model work? Are the bolt paterns on the intakes and head and everything the same? Like will an early starter work on a newer motor? Are they pretty much all the same? What about motormounts? Same? Thanks guys


Senior Member
Just bought that motor and tons of parts.. Not sure what's wrong with it. Got 60K and hasn't run since atleast the mid 80's.. I just bought a brand new XJ motor that's built to drop in. I wanna hot rod it out and not be scared of blowing up the numbers matching motor..
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