• The Roadster Factory Recovery Fund - Friends, as you may have heard, The Roadster Factory, a respected British Car Parts business in PA, suffered a total loss in a fire on Christmas Day. Read about it, discuss or ask questions >> HERE. The Triumph Register of America is sponsoring a fund raiser to help TRF get back on their feet. If you can help, vist >> their GoFundMe page.
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General TR TRF fire


Great Pumpkin
Thanks. We've been wondering about that. I cross posted to Pub.

Tom M.


Jedi Warrior
Country flag
We , as a band of hobbyists, will be feeling this one for many years. TRF has been a reliable
supplier and partner for over 40 years. The loss of their excellent service and devotion to
this passion we all share, is very painful. Albert R. picked up for his father, and has my
sincere condolences, in the loss he has suffered.
Mad dog


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Condolences go out to the family for their loss and to the industry! As previously said, were hoping a large portion of it can be saved, but from what I'm seeing, that doesn't look too promising. :unsure: PJ


Darth Vader
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Shockingly sad. I’m speechless and In shock after reading up on the various reports in the forums and Facebooks. Yow.
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