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Sprite Model Identification

Dan Tarasick

Freshman Member
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Hey guys, just bought what I believe is a 1961 Austin-Healey Sprite. It's all apart right now. I'll be getting the body shipped in the next week or so, so I cannot check the frame until then. It has no visible VIN plate, but my ownership has this VIN AHS8L99945. The ownership also states it's a 1960, however, it carries the body of a Mark 2. Also, internet information would suggest the AHS8L is not even congruent with Sprite VINs. Can anyone help here? What the heck do I have?
From "Original Sprite an Midget" by Terry Horler, Sprite VINs start with
AN5: Mk I
HAN6: Mk II (May '61)
HAN7: Mk II with front disc brakes and 1098 cc engine (Oct '62)
HAN8: Mk III wind up windows (March '64)
HAN9: Mk IV 1275 cc (Oct '64)
HAN10: Mk IV (Oct '69)

When the Midget was introduced, BMC added an "H" to the beginning of the VIN for Sprites and a "G" for Midgets.
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