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MK1 Cooper S?


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Yes, there was a Mk I Cooper S. According to John Parnell's book "Original Mini Cooper and Cooper S": The first Mini Cooper was powered the 997 cc engine and production began in July 1961. The Mini Cooper S production started in April 1963 with the 1071 cc engine.


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Back in the day, I had a 1964 Mini Cooper 997cc. No "MK1" or "S" designation that I know of. It had twin SUs, front discs and the appropriate Cooper badges. (When I rebuilt the engine I put the thrust bearings on the crank in backward. Didn't have the heart to take it apart again so I sold it.)


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Our 64 Mini Cooper is built to" S" specs less the fuel tank. Has an A+ 1275 with twin SU's headers and high speed final drive.
Its a ball to drive.
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