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AH 300O MK1 Choke Knob Position


Freshman Member
On the mark 1 AH 3000 Where is the choke bracket affixed, i took a photo at Ah spares who had a mk1 in their show room photo attached and it seems to be affixed to a bracket , but not sure if this is correct or a after mod, i know on the mark 2 it was in the dash board.
Anyone with a mark 1 who could advise,
Mine is now right hand drive the photo is of a left hand assume it would be in the same position?



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Hi Phil. You posted your question in the "FORUM Help" forum. The FORUm Help forum is meant as a place to ask questions about navigating the forum (how to do things like post pictures, quote someone in a reply, etc.). I am moving your post and your question to our "Austin Healey" forum where you are more likely to receive answers to your Healey-specific question. I will leave a pointer in the original forum, but if you're reading this, you are now in the Austin Healey forum.


John Turney

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That's the original location of the choke knob on a 100-6. On a 3000 Mark 1, if it has a manual choke, the knob is on the dash above the cold air "Pull" knob.


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Hi Phil,
My 60 BT7 is 4422. I have had it since 1971. The choke was under the dash on my car as in your photo.



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Lin, Yours may have been modified before you got it.

My '60 BT7 is 4646 built date 15-17 September, 1959 and had the thermo-electric choke when I got it in 1987.
I promptly removed the thermo-electric and mounted a manual choke as in Phil's picture.

According to the Clausager book the thermo-electric started with car 2194 and ended with BN7 5234/BT7 5310. When they discontinued the thermo-unit n Nov. 59, they placed the choke in-dash like Steve's picture. It doesn't say for sure but presumably prior to 2194 it was probably under the dash like the 100-6 predecessor.
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