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General Tech Making the Triumph Engine Dolly


Darth Vader
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I'm now making a dolly to "hold" my engine until I'm ready to mate the transmission. I'm using a furniture dolly as a base, just like others have done. I'm following the threads and posts from Mike as well as others here, but I can see I need more advice. The engine block length, oil pan flange to flange, is right about 19 3/16". My main question now is whether the depth of the dolly should be an extra few inches, like 22 inches, just for comfort, with the idea that I'd just slide the engine forward a bit when I'm ready to mate the transmission, or whether I just ought to make the depth match the block length, right at 19 3/16 plus or minus. It doesn't make much difference to me, but I wanted to toss out the issue in case any of you has an idea or experience relevant to the final dimensions, problems with dimensions, etc. Thanks


Jedi Warrior
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When I did mine (for my TR 6) it looked like this. The 3 sides were standard dimensional 6”. The manifold side was a 2x6, and the other two were 1X6. The open end (to accommodate the rear engine plate) is just a bit of strapping that i had lying around. My bottom board should maybe have been wider to spread the load on the dolly so it was supported more directly on top of the casters, but I just slipped a couple of thin planks under the cradle to help spread out the load.
You can see the sump bolt head locations are evident in the wood so the engine is quite well supported.

If your anywhere near Ann Arbor, MI you can have mine.

edit: Having said all this though, my transmission remained in the car. My guess is that that shouldn’t matter though as long as the rear engine plate is unobstructed so you can mate up the gearbox…


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Darth Vader
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Thanks. That is very helpful. One thing that’s not clear to me, though, is that a little strip where the rear of the engine would sit. Why do you have a strip of wood there? Shouldn’t that just be left open?


Darth Vader
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Oh I see. I’ve got it. You’re high enough on the sides to clear the front support piece.


Darth Vader
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My main question now is whether the depth of the dolly should be an extra few inches, like 22 inches, just for comfort, with the idea that I'd just slide the engine forward a bit when I'm ready to mate the transmission, or whether I just ought to make the depth match the block length, right at 19 3/16 plus or minus.

I would not add extra length, if only because moving the engine is difficult. Also when the flange opposite the transmission is not on the dolly (engine shifted towards transmission), you lose the “left-right”stabilizing effect it has.

Maybe more importantly, how long will the engine be on the dolly, and will it be in a place where you can easily knock it? I found my engine on the dolly to be reasonably stable. I would not roll it down the street, but carefully on the garage floor was not an issue.
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