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BJ8 Glove Box Door Retaining Bolt


Jedi Hopeful
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While working inside my glove box the other day and I must have put too much weight on the door as it layed open.

The small chrome bolt that holds the slide(attached to door) to the inside of the box popped off. I tried to push it back on to no avail.
I can't find any kind of backing to this bolt either. Looks like it just press fits throught the cardboard liner and into a retainer hole.
Hard to even get a finger between the dash and glove box to feel the backing of this hole! Any ideas out there on how to reinstall it? Thanks!


Great Pumpkin
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Hi Scot, it is not shown as a replaceable item in my parts list. However, if you remove the whole assembly from the car you may be able to repair it.


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I believe the "bolt" you are talking about is actually a rivit that is attached to a flat metal section with two holes in it. This piece of metal is then attached to a "L" bracket that is attached to the back of the wood dash with two wood screws. That is what is on my car which may or may not be factory. Use a mirror and flashlight and look behind the glove box and you should see the bracket. You should be able to drill and tap the rivit with something like a 4-40 screw. With the heater box in the way I don't think you would be able to attach the screw with removing the dash. You might also use a suitable sheetmetal screw as a temporary fix. Have a good day!



Jedi Hopeful
Heres some pictures of the slider / bolt and the rear bracket. There is a slot in the glovebox cardboard for the slider and bolt to be manually fed thru:



The bolt seems to be fixed to a small zinc plated / chrome plated plate which is then screwed to the black L shaped bracket that is fixed to the dash.

I can not see enough to see if the bolt is held onto the smaller plate via a countersunk stud or welded. You will have to unscrew the black bracket from the rear of the dash and then unscrew the 2 screws that fix the 2 brackets back to back.

Hope that makes sense!

cheers Andy


Jedi Hopeful
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Thanks Andy, nice close-up photos of the area in question!

Interesting that your L bracket back there does not have a pre drilled hole between the two screw points for the chrome rivet to snap into.
I wonder which is factory?
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