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Where To Find BJ8 Key Door Lock ,Trunk & Glove Box Numbers ???


Senior Member
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Please tell me where I can find the key lock numbers for my BJ8 Door Lock ,Trunk & Glove Box locks ? I only have a key to the ignition, obviously the ignition is marked but where do I find the other lock numbers. I have a Heritage Certificate but no number on it either. What is the next step ?
thanks, Jeff


Great Pumpkin
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Door and trunk lock handles should be marked on the square shank that extends into the locking mechanism.
In my case the trunk lock had a Mercedes Benz number on it but it was correct got it out of AU.
Others will chime in with additional data.


Jedi Warrior
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Originally the ignition and doors used the same key, and the trunk and glove box shared the same key (usually the smaller rectangle shape). If the ignition key doesn't work in the doors, something has been changed. Door locks are marked on the tumblers inside the barrel and the handle has to be off the door for access. Remove the 3 screws on the triangular plate to slide out the intermediate cylinder. Sometimes marked with a number, but it might not be correct. Lock cylinder can be released to the outside of the handle by depressing the 5 blades with a dental tool.
Good luck, Bob


Senior Member
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This weekend I will access the numbers, thanks so much for the advice. Then contact Triple C and get the long lost keys. Cheers, Jeff
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