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Wanted 1970 MGB - Emissions Parts


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Just bought my 1970 MGB and it looks like the smog/air pump was removed.
The pump and all the associated parts were also removed.

Now I'm searching for the smog pump to try and put things back together.

Any help or information is appreciated.
Welcome! Just wanted to point out that unless owners live in California they typically don't want the smog bits any longer. Most of mine were gone when I got the car and the rest got stripped and ultimately shipped to Hawaii where they were also needed. The emissions systems of that era were finicky and more to the point sucked power. So unless you want the car to be original or the law requires it, I wouldn't bother. You certainly won't improve the performance by returning the parts.
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Thumbs up to JPSmit... My 77 B is probably lighter by 15 ibs. New Weber, no cat and virtually everything emission related is in a landfill. The car runs great, starts instantly. Canister, trunk canister, gone. The gas tank is vented through the grommet on the trunk floor and the valve cover vent to the non-existing canister is now vented to the atmosphere by a line venting near firewall and trans... Now I can SEE the engine. AND it feels more responsive.
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