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1970 XKE 4.2 rear main seal


Jedi Warrior
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Is it possible to replace the rear main seal on a 1970 4.2 E Type without removing the engine? If so, HOW?


Great Pumpkin
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This is one of those: "Don't even try it!" things. There just is not enuff room under there to get the gearbox away.

I know a "trick" to be able to change the clutch, but that involves drilling a 1.5" HOLE in the bellhousing...

It's just easier/safer/smarter to pull the whole thing out of the car.


Darth Vader
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Unfortunately as above all must come out. I've seen it done, but takes just as much time. There is a new modern seal for the rear, but the crank has to be turned to accept it.
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