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retro-fit 1970 etype with three carb set-up


Freshman Member
I have intstalled a three carb set up on my 1970 E Type. Having trouble getting the manual choke to work with out binding. Anyone have any ideas on the subject.

Don Mac


Obi Wan
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Make sure line is as straight as posssible with no hard turns. Maybe lube cable housing with silicone or powdered graphite ( one or other ). Does the choke work by hand with the cable unhooked? Check throttle plate clearances make sure they move OK and check the main jet is centered. I am assuming SU setup?


Great Pumpkin
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Can you supply a few detail photos? There are a number of things which will cause the thing to bind up. Is the cable a solid one or multi-strand? Have you a manual detailing the proceedure to set it up?

Just trying to get info to guide ya.


Great Pumpkin
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Hiya Larry! I think we could safely assume SU's but ya never know. :wink:
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