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MGA wheels


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1500, thinking of changing from disc wheels to wire. But need Moss conversion kit ~$1K. Minilite wheels suggested. Nice look.
so ?'s: look vs wire, effect on future value since not stock, found many Minilites for many cars but not MGA; ideas, do they require Moss conversinon kit like wire? ? thx, Ron


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Thx to both. Is that Moss conversion kit required; again disc wheels have a wider axle? the kit reduces width for wire. They seem to be more like disc wheels so perhaps no kit?? Ron


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I would fit Dunlop style solid wheels with a center knock off.

Crazy idea. Those wheels are used only on Twin Cam and Deluxe cars and the wheels alone cost around $3K a set, then you have to get the four wheel disc brakes set up with hubs that they fit on (they are not splined, they are peg drive). You'd be looking at an $8K conversion. IF you could even find the parts to buy.

Much easier to find a pair of splined front hubs from an MGA. You'd also need the entire rear end (the width is different) although you could cheat and use Triumph adaptors to add wires to the rear.


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I had a wire-wheel car in my early days, and I hated it. Spent too much of my life tuning those wheels. I've found steel disk wheels on British cars generally too flimsy, and they are often too narrow for modern tires. I put VTOs on my TR4A. They are not a period wheel, but the style is such that it seems appropriate for the car. Spending $1K at Moss for the privilege of having wheels that go out of true when you run over a pebble isn't something I'd like to do.
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