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For Sale Triumph TR4 Factory Parts and Service Manuals on CD/ROM - 1961 - 1965

Triumph TR4 Factory Parts and Service Manuals on CD/ROM – 1961 through 1965 Models

Originally published by Standard – Triumph Sales, Ltd., these manuals are now in the public domain and have been digitized and formatted into two .PDF documents totaling 549 pages, indexed and bookmarked. Individual pages can easily be viewed or printed for specific projects. These rare manuals can also be printed and bound for additions to your technical library, and are invaluable as restoration guides. Shipping by USPS First Class Mail is free of charge within the US. International shipping by USPS First Class Mail is available for $2.40. The CD also contains bonus material including a Competition Tuning Guide, an Overdrive Repair Manual, a separate Wiring Diagram, a factory TR4 accessories brochure, a Standard Triumph hardware catalog, a Lucas Electrical Component catalog, and a recent version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. This CD will operate under Windows and MAC Systems. For sale on Ebay for $12.95.


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