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For Sale Original Kastner "D" Camshaft for Triumph TR2 TR3 TR4 & Morgan +4, Like-Nu Orig. $420

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Original Kastner "D" Camshaft for Triumph TR2 TR3 TR4 & Morgan +4, Like-Nu Orig. $420

[h=2]NOT a re-grind, the Real Thing on Kastner-stamped blank[/h]Original Kas Kastner "D" Grind 4-Cyl "TR" Engine Camshaft with Very Few Miles and in Excellent Condition, with Kastner end-stamp.
(NOT a re-grind - this is the Real Thing on a Kastner-stamped original Triumph Blank)

If you're reading this listing, you probably already know all about who Kas Kastner is: The leading light in Triumph high performance and racing development in the USA..for close to 60 years. Many of the racing modifications and high performance tricks that are everyday practice in the Triumph world began with this one man and his scientific approach to development of the cars for increased performance. Author of several books, the Triumph Competition Preparation Manuals, as well as being a mentor to all in the Triumph performance world, and a nice guy too!

"Back in the Day" Mr. Kastner developed and sold (through Triumph dealers in the USA) a series of high performance and racing camshafts for the 4-cylinder Triumph "TR" and Morgan +4 engine. The Kastner cams were ground on full-size blanks straight from Triumph. The first one (I think) was "C", then "D" and on through to the "F" and "G" cams. Of these, the "C" is fairly mild by today's standards, while the ones beyond "D" are considered race or sprint only, rather than street-driveable cams for normal folks.

That leaves the "D" cam, as listed here. Its reputation is that it's about the highest-performance Kastner cam that's still good for street use. The description and specs of the D-grind (from Mr. Kastner's own book) are:

The "D" camshaft is now suggested for street/race use, but there must be an increase in the compression ratio. The minimum compression ratio is 10:1. Without this increase in compression, the r.p.m. range below 3500 will be very sluggish. The (ed. note: peak) power range on the "D" camshaft is between 3500 and 5500 r.p.m. The timing of the "D" camshaft is as follows:

Inlet opens 33 degrees BTDC
Inlet Closes 71 degrees ABDC
Exhaust Opens 71 degrees BBDC
Exhaust closes 33 degrees ATDC
Duration is 284 degrees
Total lift at the valve is 0.393"

When using a degree wheel, the checking clearance is .010" at the camshaft
The rocker arm adjustment is .014" hot

History: Briefly, I purchased this camshaft a few years ago (OK, it was about 35...) from a man at the British/Import Swap Meet that used to be held in the Rio Hondo College parking lot in Los Angeles. Bought it together with a Judson supercharger kit. The fellow I bought the two items from said that his brother had had both items in his TR4 engine, and quickly discovered that he didn't like the way it ran - so he removed the parts and started on a 289 Ford V-8 engine transplant. Obviously, a semi-long duration cam like the Kastner D would always be a really poor match for a supercharger kit (lots of "blow-through"), which accounted for the engine not running strongly. I have no idea what compression he was running.

The very short run-time accounts for the excellent condition of this camshaft, and as you can see from the photos, the "blacking" of the surfaces (done when a cam is reground) is still intact in most wear areas. Photos also show the "Kastner D" markings and the part numbers of the original Triumph factory blank upon which the cam was ground.

I've had this cam in dry indoor storage since it was purchased, it's moved across the country with me twice, and I haven't gotten around to putting it into an engine yet - so hopefully you will find good use for it out on the road in your Triumph, Morgan, Doretti, Italia, Peerless, or Bitsa.

$420, with FREE USA SHIPPING and NO Sales Tax !
I can send you photos that I've taken of the cam (please provide email address in your PM), or the listing will be visible on ebay this evening (22 September 2017) sometime after 6:00 PM.
Thanks for your interest!


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Re: Original Kastner "D" Camshaft for Triumph TR2 TR3 TR4 & Morgan +4, Like-Nu Orig.

Please close this thread - Camshaft was sold on ebay.
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