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For Sale Lotus Elan Factory Workshop Manual on CD/ROM - Type 26 - 1963 - 1965

Lotus Elan Factory Workshop Manual on CD – Type 26 (S1, S2& S2 S/E) 1963 - 1965 Models.

This manual was originally published by Lotus Cars Limited over fifty years ago and was released, without copyright, into the public domain, where it remains today. It has been digitized and formatted into a /PDF document with 173 pages, indexed and bookmarked. This manual contains the original factory repair procedures and illustrations for this classic model, and individual pages can easily be viewed or printed for specific projects. It can also be printed and inserted into a binder to become an addition to your technical library, and is invaluable as a restoration guide.
Shipping by USPS First Class Mail is free of charge within the US. International shipping by USPS First Class Mail is available for $2.40. The CD also includes a recent version of the Adobe Reader software. For sale on Ebay for $12.95.


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I'm located in Sebastian, FL and am starting to put together a Lotus Elan S2 that I took apart in 1972. If you still have a CD that has the 173 pages of the factory manual I'd like to purchase one. You may contact me on my email at: Hank1765@aol.com Hank Weber, thank you.
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