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Bat, cut off switch


Jedi Warrior
two thoughts:

1 - how does it attach (physically, not electrically) to the battery or body? Doesn't seem to have physical mounting points...

2 - don't know if I'd want to trust anything from HF in a race car. Seems like a bad mix /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif


Great Pumpkin
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Many variants of this device are available. The approved ones (SCCA, et al) are reliable and yes, they're not "cheap" BUT: If you're looking to shut off power from the battery, and it's NOT a race-car, hide the thing up under the passenger footwell to inturrupt current to the solenoid from the battery. That's strictly for long storage issues. But if it's an anti-theft device:

With my street cars I tend to "hide it in plain sight." I just put a standard Lucas toggle switch in the dashboard "array" that MUST be "on" to operate the fuel pump. If it's not in the on position the car will travel a few yards, and then cut out... and I'll be umm...err... well, suffice it to say there'd be one STUNNED perp in the event of an attempted theft. The storage thing is simply a matter of disconnecting the battery.


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I have one of the green-knob post mounted disconnects on both my cars. Moss sells them for $13, but you can get the same thing on eBay for around $5. If you've every scrambled around trying to find a half-inch wrench to loosen a battery lead connection after your starter solenoid has fused closed, you'll wish you had some way to quickly disconnect the battery! BTDT.

It also makes it easy to disconnect for all those times that you really should disconnect the battery when working on the car, but maybe don't because it's a hassle.


Great Pumpkin
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Shoot for this price order one and see if it fits the bill.


Jedi Trainee
I also have one of the green knobs and it has made doing electrical on the car easier and safer. I highly recommend one.


Senior Member
I have both the Green Knobby one for storage and working on the car safely, and another switch "in plain sight" in the cockpit which interrupts the white/red wire to the starter solenoid for antitheft purposes.

This combination works well (as long as you can force yourself to use them consistently)



Jedi Warrior
I have one of each. I don't much care for the green Knob thingie. It's too difficult to operate. It must be TIGHT to work well and it is right near the battery so any corrosion means it has to be even tighter.

I have a $17.00 version of the HF unit as well as the HF as a spare. It required special mounting brackets to go in the boot of my Mini, but it works well. I've had it 3+ years.
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