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wiper motor

  1. J

    For Sale Lucas 75150A Wiper Motor

    For sale: Lucas 75150A Wiper Motor Healey BN1, Morgan, TR2. This wiper motor is used and fully rebuilt and bench tested, works well. $250.00 or best offer. This model of Lucas wiper motor was used on many different British cars. The Lucas parts catalog shows that the following vehicles used...
  2. Basil

    General Tech Lucas DR-3 Wiring De-Mystified

    This article is written to help identify the connections originating at the two-speed windscreen wiper switch where the colour-coded fabric of the wiring loom has faded beyond all possible identification. The motor is a DR-3, two-speed unit. The switch is a seven terminal,three position (off...
  3. Basil

    General Tech Lucas DR3A Two-Speed Wiper-motors

    Lucas DR3A Two-Speed Wiper-motors Submitted by: ( @allanjohnturner ) The Lucas two-speed variant of the DR3A wiper-motor, as found on Triumph TR4A and other vehicles from the same era, seem to create problems when people try to wire them up. Often this happens when someone tries to use one to...
  4. Jim_Stevens

    TR2/3/3A Wiper motor hookup

    This one has me going crazy: Bench tested the motor, sat, last year. Self parking and the motor worked. Hooked up the motor per the schematic. Picture attached. Based on a previous posting here on the forum, I double-checked that the switch on the panel goes to ground. E on the motor goes to...