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Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag

Of course, it's from my neck of the woods!
Oh my...
Needs the deck lid removed and a light bar put on top so you can get good and drunk and take your buddies out to shoot at some deer.
It is "one of a kind"!
And the bidding's up to.....$15.50.

- Doug
That thing must be geared to pull stumps!
It's up to $152.50 with 5 bids from 4 bidders... :banana:

I think I'll jump right in with the buy-it-now $4,000... I couldn't possibly bear to miss out.... :nopity:
Looks like somthing I might see over in the next county. Sunday go meetin vehicle. Only thing though, I'm not sure if that pickup in the back is up on cinder blocks. He needs to do that to make the yard look proper. His dogs probably look something like this!
If you have a Fiat matched to an F350 - you might be an Eye-talian American redneck
Where's the concrete blocks? I don't so no other cars sittin' on no concrete blocks! He ain't no REAL redneck, galdurnit! Ma, gimme the shotgun, I'ma gonna hunt me a feller pertendin' ta be a redneck!
He's just tryin to confuse the boys at the bar....
"So... Is it ferin ur is it 'mericun?"
I guess if it's got a 350 it's ok in any redneck town.
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