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Wanted WTB: Weber 45 DCO 3 Carburetor Air Horns


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Wanted: Good to excellent air horns for Weber 45 DCO 3 carburetors (not 45 DCOE carburetor parts which are very different). Parts that are a little rusty would be fine but should not have any dents or be modified to clear something. Looking for two each to repair an induction system from 1963. The period Weber manual indicates the 45 DCO 3 model carburetors were for "Jaguar XK 120C - 140D" engines.

Thanks for looking.
Dan Case


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    52840.003 Air Horn.jpg
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Dan, can you not track down a set from Summit? I've not looked recently, but they have had the 40 DCOE 18 air horns, same configuration for retaining them in the body of the carbs.
Thanks for the suggestion but I have not found any company in any country between Australia, the Americas, the UK, Italy, or Germany that keeps used or new old stock parts for the very rare late 1950s through 1963 car builder factory racing special Weber carburetors. The "DCO" and "DCOE" families are significantly different designs of carburetors including air horn designs. Reproduction carburetors have been made but the companies only sell complete ready to run carburetors (at least in my email exchanges with them) and not loose parts; besides I really prefer original early 1960s parts to be 100% matches in to the air horns on the other carburetors. I know of two used air horns in the UK but my contact tells me that they are really rough and need lots of work so I did not buy them. I have damaged parts already. (The air horns I seek were also used in special racing Porsche and Ford racing down draft carburetors 1959-1963 which were also rare even when new.)

damaged air horn.JPG
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