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Wanted WTB: Late Triumph Spitfire Top Frame


Country flag
Restoring a 76 Spitfire. Came with no top or top frame. Tops are easy to come by. Top frames at a reasonable price in good condition are not. What do you have? Thanks.
I do have a top frame for 1500/mark 4 Spitfire In Buffalo NY. I would be happy with $100, but freight to ship it would be outrageous. So where you are located is an issue.
Just had a friend try to ship a luggage rack ( which is considerably smaller and lighter) and they wanted $230. I’ll send you the dimensions tomorrow so you have a better idea. I’ll also get a quote from UPS.
Just physically took the hood sticks to UPS and asked what it would cost to ship to Portland- randomly chosen as I don’t know where in Main you live- and was pleasantly surprised. They quoted $100 to package and ship. Hopefully you can see the photos I have attached. Let me know what you would like to do. If you want to talk, call 716-839-4386 and leave a number. I’ll get back to you.
Didn't see any photos but if the entire package is $200 shipped to Belfast, ME 04915. I'll take it. Let me know where to send the check. Thanks.
Restoring a 76 Spitfire. Came with no top or top frame. Tops are easy to come by. Top frames at a reasonable price in good condition are not. What do you have? Thanks.
Where are you? I have one.Want to come get it. Napanoch NY12458
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