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TR4/4A Wiring the horn when installing a Moto -Lita steering wheel



I am sure this has been asked before, but here goes. I am planning to install a moto-lita steering wheel on my TR4, and was wondering how to make the horn connection? Any photos would be great.
On another note, in the past I bought a banjo style wheel off Ebay. I was told it was for a TR4. I just found out the ID of the boss is less the slip ring, so obviously not for a 4. Any ideas as to what this could be off? It is 16" Dia. See photos


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Do you have a picture of the boss you will use to mount the Mota Lita wheel? Some bosses use the same style brush as the original wheel, others may have a spring loaded connection built in to contact the horn ring.


Yes, this one has the spring loaded connection , with a spade connection on the back. After speaking with my son, I understand that I connect this spade directly into the harnes connections, the ground is through the boss.
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