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What tool to remove final drive filler plug?


Jedi Warrior
Is there a special tool to do this, or have I missed something very obvious? I can't seem to find anything that will fit, and none of the obvious improv approaches (such as a pair of screwdrivers) have worked.


Most of us just use a common 3/8" square drive ratchet.
Some folks will grind down a 1/2" square drive to fit perfectly but I have never needed to.
You can buy the special wrench but few people do.


Jedi Knight
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I looked all over to try to buy that 7/16" square drive. You CAN'T buy one, at least not from Sears, Proto, Mac, or Snap-On, let alone your local hardware store. I bull nosed a piece of square stock and had it welded into an appropriate 12 point socket, as the 3/8" ratchet wouldn't do the job. ..



Luke Skywalker
I slip a small washer along side the 3/8" square drive to take up some slop.


I have not got that far with my Midget project yet but assume from this discussion that it is a female 7/16 in the plug and needs a male socket to remove it.

If that is correct, simply purchase a 7/16 female socket if you don't have one and then purchase a short piece of 7/16 square key stock.
i ground down a spare 1/2 inch drive short extension. Now if i could only find it :frown:



Luke Skywalker
walshja said:
jvandyke said:
I slip a small washer along side the 3/8" square drive to take up some slop.

that is exactly what I do !!!

Maybe I got the idea from you? I picked it up somewhere. There's usually a small washer laying on the ground within reach anyway. Never sweep the garage floor!


Jedi Hopeful

My plan was to get some 3/8" to 1/2" adapters from HF, then grind down the 1/2" to fit - I've got the adapters, but haven't done the grinding yet...

I guess I don't need to now... I'm stealing the small washer idea.



Darth Vader
3/8" breaker bar-washer. More leverage.


Piece of keystock ground to fit perfectly and long enough to hold and use a crescent wrench on. Keep it in the tool box and don't have to worry about ruining any plugs.


Jedi Warrior

I think my question is well answered. Thanks to all.
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