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TR2/3/3A What color should these parts be?


Luke Skywalker
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Just repaired, sandblasted and primed these. What color should the shackles be and also the front bonnet lift assembly.


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Jedi Hopeful
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I had the same question about the bonnet catch. Most photos in
Piggott's books are hard to decipher, but one is clearly black in a red body.But it does not mean it is the original colour!
So either will do but i shall paint mine black, because I like it and it is convenient. And I am not are about a coloured prop for the hood!


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The prop rod should also be body color, it was installed prior to painting, as was the rubber grommet that retains it. I'm attaching pictures of some original cars I've been able to find. TS 5265 and TS 3285


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This is out of the judging guide:

"It is believed that the release mechanism and prop rod, including the early version’s cable, was installed prior to painting of the body shell so that the components were painted body color. Natural or body color is accepted on the release components not part of the body or bonnet (e.g., cable, springs, spring-thimble cup)."

So, natural metal color or painted body color. The most common latch assembly is body color.

You can tell that my TR3A is not correct...I went with black on the spring assembly, but I did use body on the prop rod.

Here is the judging guide on the rear shackles:

"A. The external surfaces of the rear brakes, suspension, and axle assemblies were usually painted black. Early shock absorber bodies may be found in natural metal. Some markings are possible."
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