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Welch air filters


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Well I jumped on the exchange rate and snagged some parts from Welch. One item was the ITG filter set-up. My question is for anybody that has this set-up, how did You address the crankcase ventilation hose?


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Well I jumped on the exchange rate and snagged some parts from Welch. One item was the ITG filter set-up. My question is for anybody that has this set-up, how did You address the crankcase ventilation hose?
I used a vent breather and you can find them usually in autoparts stores. Tom's Import Toys has them too. My ITG filter just barelt touched the underside of my hood/bonnet and I had to file it down a little. Be sure to get some of the ITG foam cleaner they sell and I you can get that here in the US.


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I would install a catch tank. Feeding the crankcase vent into the carbs was a cheap fix for environmental issues but it also pollutes your air intake into the carbs.
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