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TR4/4A Upgrade Air Filters for Stromberg TR4A


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A plea to the collective. My 4A has the Stromberg Carbs with the longer necks and smallish air filters. The forward carb sits very near the right front wheel well. Judging from the marks on the wheel well the air filter may even bump it from time to time. In looking at the larger oval after air filters, it would not appear that a larger unit could be fitted. From former motorcycle days I know more air in, and exhaust out, means more power. Any thoughts on how to get the Stromberg's breathing a bit better in this configuration?


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Here is a Pic


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Are those the same filters as on a TR4? With a center hole for pulling in from the valve cover? If so I don't think they are exactly stock for a 4A since you have the pcv setup anyway.

There are wider diameter but slightly narrower width filters out there I think. I use Kinby's which are old stock, you see them on ebay quite often - but they have that center hole thing also. A narrow profile KN filter I think would work for sure as another option.


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Might be worth looking at your motor mounts. I was having trouble with the oval paper filters hitting the inner fender on my TR3, and discovered that mount had squished to perhaps half it's normal height. Now there is much more room there (plus the throttle linkage doesn't hit the bottom of the manifold any more!)

AFAIK all TR4A should have the oval filters, Stanpart 212278 (some with an outer cover over the elements). My TR4 SPC lists them for some TR4, but doesn't give details. However, Moss only lists them for 4A, so perhaps they weren't used on US-market TR4s.

Unless I am remembering the filters wrong, you might actually have more clearance with the oval filters. They are wider and deeper, but as I recall not as tall as the round paper element filters used on mid-TR4.
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