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Tub Almost ready to come off [pics]


Senior Member
I plan on pulling off the tub this weekend. I am going to wield supports to the inside of the doors and pull off the tub and put it on a dolly then off to the sandblasters!





Great Pumpkin
Great job. Keep the before and after pics of the body and frame coming.


Darth Vader
sand blast or do you mean Soda blast or media blast,

you sand blast that body and you will warp the crap out of the pannels,

I know cause I warped the trunk deck and had to buy another one

unless you like lots of bondo on the car then sand blast it



Senior Member
yes it's Media blast. On another note Can anyone list the points at which the tub is held to the frame. I have taken the ones in the engine bay off but I have no idead where the ohters are.


Luke Skywalker
TRF sells a body mounting kit that includes new everything for screwing the body down, including many shims. Try to remember where the shims might be and mark down. These bodies often were shimmed for proper fitting.


Put the shims from each mounting location in a separate bag and mark the bag as to where they came from. It will help when putting things back together. It won't necessarily be the same, but a good starting point.


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Miser said:
yes it's Media blast. On another note Can anyone list the points at which the tub is held to the frame. I have taken the ones in the engine bay off but I have no idead where the ohters are.

At the back, there is the tire hold down, and the two ends of the frame.

Inside the passenger area, there are two brackets on each side along the outside rail, each has several bolts.

Toward the center, along the drive shaft tunnel, there is one on each side.


Darth Vader
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Pics of mine from left to right = rear to front to go along with Darrell's description above




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Miser said:
tdskip said:
Good progress.

What are you going to prime the sandblasted body with?

Not sure my paint guy is going to do that. He did my MG also.

Ask! Personally, I'd <span style="text-decoration: underline">insist</span> on an epoxy sealer to make sure no moisture can get to the metal.
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