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TR6 TR6 fuel pump question - glass bowl pump correct?


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Just getting this 1971 TR6 running after sitting for 6 years. The fuel pump wasn't working and I had another fuel pump in the spare parts box so I swapped it. This fuel pump works. But, the original fuel pump has a metal bowl on top and the replacement one has a glass bowl. If this pump is not for this year or is for a different model TR, will it cause problems with inadequate flow or anything like that? The carbs need rebuilding so I haven't had a chance to run it on the road for a while. Thanks.


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My '68 TR250 has a metal bowl. I can't imagine that they went from metal back to glass later. As I am sure you know, the earlier glass pumps work off the same principal (a lever pushed against a lobe on the cam) but no idea if depth, throw, etc., are the same from what I assume is a four cylinder TR pump to the six cylinder item.
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Never heard of or saw a glass bowl for a TR6 fuel pump either.


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I Googled the question. Apparently there was (is) a glass bowl fuel pump for TR2, TR3 and TR4. Whether this can be made to fit and work on a TR6 is a question of try and see. You may have discovered something.


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It works. I guess I need to research the cfm output of this earlier Triumph pump as compared to the stock TR6. It definitely looks cooler which is a plus.


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Just my two cents, but ... you mention " ... I had another fuel pump in the spare parts box so I swapped it. "

So it wasn't specifically a TR6 pump?

It might fit in the opening, but how do you know the action arm isn't damaging something (or being damaged) inside the engine? Proper size, proper movement, etc.

I don't think I'd want that risk. It might look cool, but the results might not be cool! I'd think there must have been a reason for Standard Triumph to fit a different pump for engines after the TR2/3.

Tom M.



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I have had a TR 4 and a 250 and TR6 now. I have not seen glass on a TR. If it was on a GT 6cyl it would work. My question is does it have a lever on the pump to put fuel up to carb before starting. I put a wire to my pump so I do not have to reach down to pump it up. The guys with trip Weber's might need a bigger pump sold at Summit Madflyer
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