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Todays strange question


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
How have folks been restoring the cover of the windshield gear box? I just saw mine up close when removing my master cyl and it needs help.


Jedi Warrior
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That was mine. I painted the motor housing with black hammered paint - looks dark gray. The steel top of the gearbox had just a little plating left. I sanded it off leaving a slightly brushed finish, then hit it with some oil and fine steel-wool. I guess for a completely "original" resto you would use black crinkle paint and get the top re-plated.

The gearbox itself, has too many nook and crannies to brush or polish. I soaked it in Oil Eater (similar to purple power) overnight and it came out a nice uniform dull gray.


Great Pumpkin
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Good points, think I will use hammered alum on the shinny bits.


Jedi Warrior
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Forgot to post my finished pics....

The flash of course exposes every little flaw... looks better in person (not that I'm complaining)






Luke Skywalker
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I soaked my pieces in EvopoRust. They cleaned up very nicely without need for paint.


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And perhaps a clear coat Ray?
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