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Throttle return mechanism on the BN1


Jedi Knight
Was there any form of return spring fitted to the throttle levers other than the springs fitted on the ends of the carburettor throttle shafts? These seem a little weak to return the throttle pedal given the complexity of the lever mechanism on the RHD cars. One of the levers on my car (the one going from bulkhead to carbs) has a small bracket on it at the carb end that looks like it could have had a spring hooked in but there is no obvious place to connect the other end of a spring. Originally the car had a mackled together spring mechanism that is obviously not original.



Jedi Trainee
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Yes, there is a return spring on the horizontal linkage rod. It sounds like yours is installed backwards. The bent metal bracket should be at the rear. The spring hooks into it and goes forward. The forward end of spring is connected to a hole in the linkage pivot on the exhaust manifold by a short length of bent metal rod. I am not sure this actually the correct connection as it looks a bit suspect, but it is the way it was in 1963 when purchased by my Dad. The spring and bracket are #51 and #52 on this Moss Motors illustration https://www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=28872. They don't show the connection at forward end of spring. I suspect it must have been something similar to the rear bracket.

Here is a pic of the rear.




Jedi Knight
That explains a lot. I have part 31 in the link above on upside down. I've been looking at photos online of lhd cars which show a lever pointing upwards from the bulkhead wheras it points down on rhd models. Mounted the other way up the position of the spring hook makes more sense. Thanks for your help.


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From the inset pic on the Moss page, it is clear that the RHD setup has the bellcrank on left footbox oriented differently than the LHD cars, but it still moves backwards to open and spring pulls it forward to close.

Part 31 in link is the pivot pin for the front bellcrank. Are you saying you have that bellcrank on upside-down?
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